YouTube Backlash Begins - But, they were only avoiding Lawsuits!!

Fucking youtube deleted my account awhile back without even sending me an e-mail. I had the account for at least 2 or 3 years and probably had nearly 100 videos. Just sucks doggy balls that they deleted it. Most of the videos where small clips from people interviewed for retroCRUSH. Not sure why they wouldn't be considered fair use?

Plus, I had uploaded a pro-Clinton video a week or two before and wham-o my account gets deleted out of the blue. I tried to e-mail them, but got a canned reply letter from some woman in India. Fuck you youtube! Fuck you! Now all the work/clips I made are gone & there's just empty embedded links on the retroCRUSH website.

I can't believe they don't have a better system in place to at least fucking tell you're in danger of having your account deleted. Pompous, hypocritical that most of their content & the reason why people go to their website is to see copyrighted content such as music videos or movie clips. Can't believe how quickly they can just kill your account. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well.

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Dear Livejournal,

Yes, I know it's been a long time since I've posted in you. I think ever since my poor Fotki account expired & I was so pissed off a them that I didn't pay the extra money to get the deluxe account which would have linked the photos.

I know you feel neglected and abandoned with such fancy stars as myspace kicking butt all over the place & being the most visited website on the planet. The thing is myspace sucks doodie ass in that it has a really funky design & isn't nearly as personal or fun as livejournal.

So maybe my long lost friend I'll rediscover & start posting in you again. I sort of miss sharing my thoughts with you.

Oh yeah...I see you've been lurking around and posting a bit Flagpolesitta and Devilbadtz. Hell-O to both of ya.

Russ Meyer Biography reading -

Reading through the biography of Russ Meyer which started off slow, but fortunately has gotten better. Had no idea that the guy suffered from Alzheimer's towards the end of his life. I will have to say Faster Pussycat Kill Kill is still one of my all time favorite movies. From Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is GREAT too. I've been meaning to watch his other movies, but his estate still has an awful lot of control over his movies & they hardly ever release them on video or DVD. Before Russ died he also wrote an a 6 volume book about his life, but the darn thing is $129. Argh. I doubt any library would actually have this thing.

Heard a snapping sound under the sink a couple of days ago, but I didn't have the heart to take a look & see if a mouse had been caught. I always have traps under there. Anyway...I finally took a look & ugh talk about some icky gore. I'm such a whoose considering all the horror movies I've sat through. Well, least I got him. Ugh. I keep things pretty clean under there though. So gross! I just went ahead and tossed the entire thing in the trash.

Hope everyone is doing well. Today was a beautiful day out. I was broke, but I managed to take myself out on a bike ride & read the Russ Meyer book for hours on end at the local college which happens to be the pretties place here in Turdlock.

Hello Again Hello's been forever since I've updated my journal. Not much going on with me. I've been working on a few interviews for retroCRUSH!

Cindy Morgan - Tron
Lana Wood - The late, great Natalie Wood's kid sister
Tura Satana of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill fame - you're missing out if you've never seen this movie

Dunno how many of you check out retroCRUSH, but Robert's been doing some pretty cool Podcasts lately. Check em out over here:

Plus, I did attempt to do my own website, but there's been some problems with the hosting & I've also realized that I'm just really, really lazy about updating anything.

I guess in the last couple of months I've been trying to get out from under all the shit I've bought at the Thrift Store. I mean I literally had boxes & boxes of crap. It's kind of cool when you get into the mood to scan & make fun of things, but when you lose that moment it just seems like you're surrounded by crap.

I couldn't part with everything, but I did do somecleaning & I feel like I've gotten some space back in life & in my house. It's odd because when I first started lj everyone was way into it, but after a couple of years I guess things simmer down. Then again I might just be projecting my own mindset into things.

Eventually I'll start posting a few pics I took from the camera maybe that'll re-inspire me to get creative. Hope everyone is doing well!